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Sunday, February 14th, 2010
4:16 pm

* Please add £1.00 for shipping/fee's
* I cannot hold items, sorry.
* Serious buyers only, please do not request an invoice and then dissappear
* If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask :)

Left to right:
40's Pink Mattene, tested 1-2 x SIB £6
Costa Chic lipstick, tested 1-2 x SIB £9
Ahoy There lipstick, usage shown
Patisserie lipstick, usage shown £4
Dresscamp (extremely rare) She-Gold lipglass, usage shown £13
Oh Baby lipglass BN £4
Henri Bendel lipglass tested 2x £8
Metalphysical chromeglass BNIB £5
Bateaux lusterglass tested 3x £5
Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass tested 3x £7
Luella Bartley (Rare) TLC tested 2-3 x £6

Left to Right:
Left to right:
DeMenthe (Rare) e/s pot tested 1-2 x £13
MiLady MES purple side tested 2-3 x, red side used a few times, slight dip £7
6th Sin Metal-X e/s shattered, but still moist and creamy. £4
Ether MES, shattered and repressed, never used £4

Left to Right : McQueen Paint Pots not for sale, sorry.
Nuance mineralize blush SIB 2-3 x

Left to Right:
Raven Kohl power, usage shown
Black Russian Pearlglide, usage shown £7
Peacocked soft sparkle, usage shown

Left to Right:
Scott Barnes eyeshadow in Urban Legend BNIB £5
Phosphor n/p used 1x £5
Canton Candy paint approx 70% remaining £3

BNIB Trucco Holographic e/s palette in Angel Eyes £10.50

Monday, May 11th, 2009
10:12 pm
Weird Seller Alert

Never have i felt the need to express my annoyment at a seller on LJ, but i guess theres a first time for everything.

just a warning that  beautiandbrainspromised numerously to sell me a nailpolish that i was really looking forward to, and assured me she could sell me one as she had THREE backups:

After numerous e-mails back and forth, she finally invoices me and i pay up:

5 days later she randomly changed her mind and suddenly does not have a nailpolish to send me. She refunded me after insulting me and calling me a physco. After messing me around so much, how does she expect me to react?  her reply wasnt so cute either...

On her journal she has shown just SOME of the correspondance between us, making it out like shes sweet and innocent and im a mean beyotch...its up to you what you believe, but ive been a member on here for a couple of years and i have a few tokens on MUA too, her behaviour is very weird, and she has no tokens as of yet, im warning other LJ ladies to be very careful of her...her personality changes quickly and she screens comments on her journal and hides other peoples comments, extremely manipulative. She then blocked me from her journal so i couldnt talk to her anymore about the situation.

I know its only a polish but her behaviour throughout the entire situation was completely ridicilous and disrespectful.

Im not one for drama but the whole thing was just odd..whatever, im just warning the rest of you and having a little vent.
Friday, September 12th, 2008
2:29 am
Old skool MAC sale

Old skool MAC sale
Ok, here is some old-skool MAC I purchased a year or so ago...but I never use it, so its time for a clear out!!

Prices are firm since I am looking to get what I paid back; however the prices include shipping from the United Kingdom to any country. This does not include the Pleasureflush dupe which is slightly heavier and costs more to ship and package safely so please add an extra $2.00.

CC PayPal accepted as long as u can cover the fees.

Feedback: MUA

Need the $$ pretty soon, so please reply as quickly as you can if you enquire about something.

Blue pigment BN but no box. Please note this isn’t rebel rock blue, and doesn’t have a code because it’s vintage MAC, but its 100% authentic! In the proper hardcore old-skool packaging w/ the shiny cap

$28.00 SOLD

Glare e/s depot, swatched gently 2-3 x Hetchmarks still visible around edges


Melody e/s depot, swatched gently 1-2 x Hetchmarks still visible around edges


Leisuretime e/s depot tested about 3 x but small knick in the middle of pan

Goldbit e/s depot, used 3 x VERY shallow dip starting to form in centre of pan


Terra Del sol Pleasureflush dupe BN


Rubia lipstick, tested 1-2 x (My HG but i have about 3 others i still need to consume lol)


Thanks so much for looking, if you require extra pictures of any of the labels etc, PLMK and i will send them to you 

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